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You're probably wondering why we're here

For my very first blog, and the opening of my site, I thought maybe I'd share a little about myself and my journey to this point.

It's not an exciting tale, trust me.

I was born in St. Augustine, Florida, moved to Washington in 97', and grew up on a farm. Being homeschooled from Kindergarten to graduation, I was able to get my first job at 14 working in dressage stables, cleaning stalls.

I married my soulmate at 23, and we have a beautiful (ornery) daughter together, along with our fur babies. (Dog and 2 cats.)

But that's not why we're here. I want to share my literary journey with you all, so maybe you can learn from my experiences, steal my success, and hopefully avoid my mistakes. I've been writing since 7 years old, using it as an outlet to keep the stories piling up in my head at bay. I tried drawing, painting, music--anything to keep the pressure down. Writing is the only thing that's ever satisfied the creative monster hiding in the reaches of my brain. The only thing with enough life and movement.

At 19 years old, after all those years, it finally hit me that I may want to do this as my career. That there may be a way I can share my brain babies, and maybe--just maybe--someone might want to experience them with me. 6 months later, I finished my first full-length novel, The Catalyst.

To be honest, it's terrible, like many first novels are, but I fell in love. With it, the process, and once I started looking into what it takes to publish a novel, I fell in love with the literary industry. I began my relentless study of the business, while I continued to practice and pump out new novels. (Keep in mind, this took YEARS.)

I finally hit a point where I thought I was ready. I could do this. I could find an agent and get a novel traditionally published. That's also the point I met JC Admore, Story Analyst, and creator of the Admore Method. Only then did I realize how WRONG I was.

I was only at the beginning. He introduced me to the world of old, real Story Craft. Helped me craft a novel from the ground up, with real intention, focus, and knowledge.

One year later, I signed with Golden Wheat Literary.

My journey is still very much at the first mileposts, but I've learned an incredible amount of knowledge along the way. I'll be sharing a lot of that information here, but please, if you have questions, don't be afraid to reach out.

I'll also be talking about motherhood, work flow, and life in general. I'm so grateful for you sharing this journey with me.

I can't wait to see what the future holds!

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