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Noah's Not So Super Summer

Hardback ISBN: 979-8986487854

Paperback ISBN: 979-8986487847

"A fun, engaging adventure about a tween without powers in a world of superheroes." - Kirkus Review, Read Here.


Noah Reagan has always dreamed of making it big—for science.

A place in The Summer with Supers Youth Program would provide him with just that. Popularity, respect, and maybe even a bully-free semester.

But when Lincoln City's mutant infestation leaves Noah's dreams crushed beneath a pile of rubble, he's forced to spend the summer working for his dad's failing Mega-Maintenance company, cleaning up after the very creatures that have stolen his freedom.

With the real heroes battling back the incoming hordes, Noah begins his investigation into the madness fueling the monsters, hoping to end the mega-meltdowns before his last chances of a super summer are swept into the dustbin.
Though, with the mastermind holding the keys to Noah's dreams, interfering may doom him to an off-brand existence, and a future of atomic wedgies, forever.

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