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About Brittany Tucker

Who Am I?

Here's a Hint: Not Spider-Man.


Answer: I'm just like you.

Beginning at age seven, my literary journey began with an impressive amount of "Powerpuff Girls" fanfiction, complete with illustrations. Since then, I've never stopped writing. Living on Camano Island with my sassy daughter, and even sassier husband, I now put all of my menial writing talents into crafting Children's and Young Adult novels. Read at your own risk.


I also serve as a middle and high school ministry leader at my local church and love every moment of it!

I've since delved into independent publishing and opened my own press. 

Fun Facts:

  • I have three cats (Paul, Pasta, and Princess Porkchop), and three snakes. Rocksy and Tupac, the ball pythons, and Ruby, the scaleless cornsnake! (They're all spoiled rotten.

  • I write in almost every genre.

  • I hate cantaloupe.

  • I collect Dragon Ball Z action figures.

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