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What Makes A Super-Hero?

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

In honor of my Middle-Grade Super-hero novel, Noah's Not So Super Summer, being prepped for submission by my fabulous agent, Jessica, I want to talk about often over-used word.


What does it mean to be Super? Let alone a Hero? When do we bridge the gap of Kinda-Cool Hero to a Super one?

I could give you the answer now, but instead I'll give you a scenario:

You're starving. You haven't eaten in days. You come across a wild plate of spaghetti in the jungle. Just as you're about to dive in, mouth watering, you hear a whimper. A child, near death with hunger, watches from the bushes. What do you do next? Shove the spaghetti down your throat? Split it? Happily give the kid the spaghetti and move on?

Self-Sacrifice is what turns an Okay-Hero into a Super-One.

Think of your mother when you're sick. She holds you tightly in her arms even though you're snotting and hacking all over her. Or your father, who spends endless hours at his job to put a roof over your head. So many hours, he doesn't get to spend any time in that home himself.

I want to hear in the comments when someone else’s sacrifice made a difference in your life. Share with me your Super-Heroes!

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Destiny Pifer
Destiny Pifer
Jun 17, 2022

I think a superhero is someone who puts other's before themselves. I have done that my entire life. I have always put other's needs above my own.

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